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Enhancing Community Health: ABL, accomplices indicate way

Improving Community Health: ABL, partners show way

Gifty Lankai, a 62-year old dealer with hypertension whose whole grown-up life has been spent squeezing out a living under unforgiving climate conditions, sat thoughtfully in a plastic seat under a tan shade at Additrom School, Adabraka. Foreheads wrinkled, she grasped frantically unto a terminated National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card while her tired eyes took in the abounding group around her. She was one of many occupants in and around Adabraka who plunged upon the school to get therapeutic screening, at no charge at all.

At the point when a volunteer moved toward her, Madam Lankai readily dropped her NHIS card into the little plastic wicker bin the volunteer exhibited. Her eyes stayed exhausted, however her strained forehead facilitated up, maybe on the grounds that at that time, she saw an unmistakable end to her most squeezing wellbeing stresses. The volunteer took her bushel of cards into a classroom where specialists, planted behind lines of PCs, wrote away on consoles. She guaranteed that the cards were restored and exhibited them to their individual proprietors. In the interim, Madam Lankai was driven through a progression of activities, starting with dental care, trailed by an eye screening, and general therapeutic conference. Before she exited the school, she got free drug, all cordiality of Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) and Graphic Communications Group Limited’s (GCGL) yearly Adabraka Health Screening Program.

Afterward, Madam Lankai stated, ‘medicine (for my infirmities) are costly and whenever I visit the center for registration, I think that its extremely hard to buy the pharmaceuticals’.

Elatedly, she offered thanks to ABL for removing her ‘weight’ and asked us to ‘proceed with the great work to help the less special in the general public’. She at that point included, ‘I have been presented with soda pops and water. What else would i be able to request? God favor ABL’.

This, a free general well-being screening, is the means by which ABL, together with GCGL, is affecting lives, groups, and making a more beneficial world.

ABL: Supporting the Public Health Agenda

General well-being screening, the movement that guarantees people who can’t bear the cost of or are unequipped for getting to social insurance advantage from free therapeutic care, has turned into a necessary piece of Ghana’s well-being conveyance framework, demonstrating a feasible choice for preventive medicinal services conveyance, particularly in creating nations.

Dissimilar to the conventional well-being conveyance game plan, which requires people looking for therapeutic regard for visit an assigned well-being focus and experience various crippling procedures to get to social insurance, general well-being screening holds leverage of naturally conveying human services at the doorsteps of the general population, in a way that is moderately benevolent and advantageous.

Other than influencing wellbeing to mind conveyance open to numerous, general wellbeing screening works out, for example, the one ABL reliably arranges for people and groups inside its catchment region, additionally bear the cost of individuals the benefit of having customized connections with wellbeing laborers, getting to free drug, and being sharpened on squeezing medical problems. Where individuals have grave medicinal services issues, they are alluded to the healing facility for additionally mind. This is the place the NHIS enlistment proves to be useful for the members.

This exceptional demonstration of empathy isn’t an anomaly as ABL has, throughout the years, exhibited responsibility regarding satisfying its Dream of uniting individuals for a superior world; a more advantageous world unhampered by medicinal inconveniences that could have been effortlessly evaded. Free yearly HIV/AIDS screening for inhabitants of Agbogbloshie in December and its Alcohol and Pregnancy Program, which sharpens pregnant and expecting ladies on the risks of expending liquor before or amid pregnancy, frame some portion of its determined methodology to make a more advantageous world.

The Adabraka Health Screening Program: the Role of ABL and its Partners

Nine years back ABL banded together GCGL and the German Development Agency (GIZ), Voltic (GH) Limited, and with help from two driving Ghanaian pharmaceutical firms, Kinapharma and Ernest Chemists, to offer free restorative help to a huge number of individuals in Adabraka and its abutting groups.

This year, reinforced by its parent organization, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s (AB InBev) general devotion to making a more beneficial world, ABL by and by accomplices GCGL, with the help of the Accra Diamonds Lions Club, the National Health Insurance Authority, the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, and Voltic (GH) Limited, to guarantee a great many supporters get free broad therapeutic screening, treated mosquito nets, dental screening, eye care, and enlistment unto the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

Conventional Rulers’ Endorsements

Communicating his enjoyment over ABL’s maintained sense of duty regarding meeting the well-being needs of his kin, the Atukpai Mantse of Adabraka, Nii Tetteh Adjarbeng II recognized ABL for ‘this extraordinary help to the group’, including that the group will everlastingly value this nice thought of the Brewery.

Naa Korkor Ajeoyi I, the Atukpai Queen mother of Adabraka, included that ‘the yearly wellbeing screening exercise has had ‘enormous effect on my kin. Presently they know it is basic to look for social insurance. It has been significantly belittled by the ladies of the group who now take their youngsters to the Adabraka Polyclinic as a result of introduction to the free well-being screening, where the quintessence of regular registration has been urged them’.

”As a lady, I am not unaware of the numerous well-being challenges that ladies in the Adabraka people group confronted. It is this mindfulness that prompts me to dependably acknowledge ABL for the great work they are doing in the Adabraka people group,” she recognized.


As Ghana moves to diminish the weight of an overburdened well-being division, managed and community oriented endeavors by corporate Ghana to help this undertaking can’t be overemphasized.

For just about 10 years, ABL has adapted to present circumstances, connecting with industry associates and business accomplices to offer back to groups and effect lives, showing the important effect corporate Ghana can have on Ghana’s well-being conveyance framework.

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