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Help eliminate hand washing problems in the next five years – UNICEF

Help eliminate hand washing problems in the next five years - UNICEF

Mr David Duncan, the Chief of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), has approached partners to help wipe out hand washing related issues and infections in the following five years.

He said because of unhygienic practices by numerous Ghanaians with hand washing not being a special case, more than 4, 000 kids bite the dust from looseness of the bowels in Ghana consistently.

“Around 4 billion instances of looseness of the bowels every year cause 1.8 million passings, more than 90 for each penny of them (1.6 million) among kids under five.

“Rehashed scenes of diarrhoeal sicknesses make kids more powerless against different infections and ailing health,” Mr Duncan said at the 2017 Global Hand Wash Day held in Accra on Sunday.

He said with loose bowels being the most vital general medical issue straightforwardly identified with water and sanitation, there is the requirement for government to set up down to earth measures that would help control the circumstance.

“The straightforward demonstration of washing hands with cleanser and water can cut diarrhoeal infection by 33%. Alongside giving sufficient sanitation offices, it is the way to averting waterborne infections,” he said.

Mr Duncan communicated worry that hand washing was not a typical practice among numerous Ghanaians as just a single out of five individuals washed their hands in the wake of going by insanitary zones.

Commending government for the expanding endeavors set up towards hand washing among schools in the Volta Region, he called for additional to be finished.

Mr Worlanyo Siabi, the Chief Executive of Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA), said since 2001, CWSA has given the stay to general society private organization for hand washing with cleanser under its command for water and sanitation conveyance and cleanliness advancement.

He said hand washing with cleanser was incorporated into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) target 6.2 for sanitation and cleanliness.

“By including a pivotal hand washing segment to existing and continuous sanitation exercises, the basic medical advantages to accomplish the SDG 6 can be acknowledged,” he said.

Mr Siabi said hand washing was additionally imperative for meeting focuses around youngster survival, nourishment, sexual orientation, value and training.

Mrs Theodora Adomako-Adjei, the Extension Services Coordinator of CWSA, said without a doubt the act of hand washing has turned into a universal motivation which was worth commending each year to build mindfulness and comprehension of the significance of hand washing with cleanser.

Addressing the topic: “Our Hand, our Future”, she said the topic looks to remind general society that basic hand washing acts would secure their wellbeing and would likewise enable them to manufacture their own future.

“Thinking about the future, we take a stab at wellbeing, prosperity and efficiency for ourselves, our families and our groups,” she said.

Adomako-Adjei asked the general population to pick hand washing on Global Hand Washing Day, as well as consistently.

“Hand washing must turn into a propensity that individuals naturally perform at basic circumstances and be rehearsed reliably to work,” she exhorted.

Mr Joseph Obeng Poku, the Chief Director of the Ministry for Sanitation and Water Resources, said each one could enhance their own wellbeing by washing their hands and drawing in families and groups to rehearse hand washing.

He encouraged general society to advance a future Ghana where hand washing with cleanser and water at basic circumstances was promptly acknowledged and honed by all including that “recall forget the basic time in the wake of going to the can and before taking care of nourishment,” he said.

Mr Augustine Tawiah, the Member of Parliament for Bia West Constituency required a refinement WASH program among group individuals.

There was an outline, an intuitive hand washing session, exhibition on how best to wash the hands and in addition road coordinate among individuals from the Church of Christ Nsawam Road to stamp the day.

October 15 is Global Hand washing Day, it is a worldwide support day devoted to expanding mindfulness and comprehension about the significance of hand washing with cleanser and water.

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