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National Commission on Culture celebrates second edition of LAYYAH Festival

The National Commission on Culture as a team with Council of Ga-Adangme Muslim Chiefs, Queen-moms, Imams and the nine territorial intercity Muslim boss has opened the second version of LAYYAH

The celebration which brought Muslims from everywhere throughout the ten locales and key Zongo Chiefs together to show different social legacy was held at the Efua Sutherland Children’s stop in Accra.

In his opening address,monitored by Mustapha NII Okai Inusah (Ghanacreativearts.com) the appointee serve for Tourism and Creative Arts Dr Ziblim Bari Iddi rebuked all Muslims the nation over to grasp solidarity for advancement.

The delegate serve additionally encouraged the Chiefs and all partners in the Islamic Communities to advance our rich culture through their deeds to maintain the acknowledged societal standards and qualities.

He clarified that the Layyah Festival was not in rivalry with the Zongofest yet rather, advancing peace and solidarity together.

He stated, “The Layyah Festival isn’t contending with Zongofest, accordingly, the negative data out there, that is intended to make the National Commission on Culture and the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture seem unpalatable is shocking.”

The topic of the celebration was showed through every one of the occasions of the celebration, in this manner display of expressions and specialties, customary exhibitions, sustenance reasonable, and artistes’ exhibitions.

The Layyah Festival looks to advance serene conjunction, financial strengthening, and national improvement through culture.

It additionally tries to advance abilities and join Ghanaians through the demonstration of sharing and relinquish.

Mrs Gifty Mahama Biyira, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Inner-City and Zongo Development, who spoke to the division Minister, reaffirmed the Ministry’s help to advance the enthusiasm of the Inner-City people group.

She said figuring the difficult errand ahead, the Ministry required the full help of Ghanaians to accomplish its target.

Mr Sultan Nii Nortey Caesar, the President of the Ga-Dangme Muslim Council and the agent of the Council of the Nine Regional Inner-City Muslim Chiefs, additionally promised their full help and incessant engagement in guaranteeing the achievement and vision of the Government.

He approached the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and the Ministry of Inner-City and Zongo Development to help the Layyah Festival fiscally for it to wind up plainly an umbrella that would propel the enthusiasm of the indigenous Muslims in Ghana.

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