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PZ Cussons celebrates Global Handwashing Day with ‘Say Yes to Life’ Campaign

PZ Cussons celebrates Global Handwashing Day with ‘Say Yes to Life’ Campaign

Riding on the “Say Yes to Life” battle, PZ Cussons Ghana, and a dynamic player in the worldwide handwashing development, is focused on recreating compelling approaches to urge individuals to be ponder about cleanliness rehearses by washing their hands at basic circumstances with cleanser, hence taking into consideration a more secure and more joyful life.

Talking on the requirement for handwashing with cleanser, Mr Nana Boateng, the African Regional Brand Manager for PZ Cussons Ghana, said albeit many individuals know the significance of handwashing with cleanser, it wasn’t programmed or a certification that everybody would wash their hands with cleanser.

He said in perspective of the critical things the hand is utilized for, for example, to play, eat, work, welcome, embrace, and make, it was fundamental for the organization to set out on occasional crusades to sharpen and instruct general society to grasp individual hand cleanliness hones, as a way of life.

“Handwashing ought to be a fundamental piece of our day by day exercises. It is to help keep us far from reaching germs and microorganisms, particularly for youngsters. As a brand focused on cleanliness and healthy skin, it is vital that we urge everyone to make handwashing a propensity, keeping in mind the end goal to definitely lessen the rate of looseness of the bowels, cholera and pneumonia, which represent a high death rate in kids under 5 years  around the world,” he said.

He said germs and microbes causing ailments are generally passed on among individuals through straightforward methods for touch, for example, shaking hands with individuals.

Different methods for transference, he said include: touching somebody in the wake of sniffling, hacking, or cleaning out your nose, subsequent to taking care of rubbish, prior and then afterward treating wounds or in the wake of touching a creature or creature squander.

“Everyone needs handwashing. The two grown-ups and kids should be educated the correct method for handwashing. On account of kids, they should be situated, urged and helped to assume liability when looked with certain way of life issues, for example, washing their hands with cleanser quickly in the wake of going to the latrine, prior and then afterward contact with sustenance, and to keep their hands sheltered and clean constantly utilizing the Carex hand sanitizer,” he said.

Mr Boateng said washing hands with cleanser was not attached to a specific time of day. “It is an action that ought to rather be done intentionally for the duration of the day. To start the handwashing procedure, individuals need access to water and cleanser. Albeit any sort of water is useful for utilize, warm water is perfect since it can dissolve intense stains like oil in the palms,” he expressed.

He however exhorted that individuals abstain from washing hands alone with water since it doesn’t ensure 100 for every penny assurance against germs and microscopic organisms, taking note of that proper cleansers for handwashing, are those that are intentionally detailed for healthy skin, for example, the Carex hand wash and not cleansers which are utilized for washing garments or utensils.

Mr Boateng portrayed handwashing as a basic yet compelling procedure, including that the advantages of handwashing with cleanser in the huge plan of things “makes a handwashing society where individuals get included with everything life tosses at them, realizing that toward its finish all, that their skin and hands are looked after and ensured.

“This guarantees insurance “engages the two youngsters and grown-ups to seek after their fantasies. Without a doubt our hands, our future!” he included.

Mr Boateng said the handwashing effort ought to involve national intrigue and underscored the requirement for coordinated efforts among people, wellbeing associations, corporate associations, religious bodies, and government foundations like the District Assemblies and Metropolitan Assemblies.

He respected coordinating handwashing and individual care hones into the educational modules for schools, which perpetually turns into a propensity or way of life of understudies.

Worldwide Handwashing Day is a yearly backing day to bring issues to light and comprehension about the significance of hand washing with cleanser as a simple and powerful approach to anticipate ailments and spare lives. Praised each fifteenth of October, the current year’s festival is on the topic: “Our Hands, Our Future!”

As a major aspect of Carex’s festival this year, different hand cleanliness items have been given to a few halfway houses in Accra. Carex has additionally propelled the ‘Untidy Hands’ web-based social networking effort #SayYesToLife to additionally accentuate the message utilizing fun and engagement.

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